Responding to the need to prepare students to play an active role in civic life and to make anthropology more relevant to today's concerns, the internship program at the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology provides students with the knowledge, tools, and experiences necessary to effectively approach and address problems at the community level. BARA interns work directly with research faculty and may work individually or on a project team. Internships are tailored to the goals of each individual and interns have access to the University of Arizona library, computing, and other resources. They gain professional experience and present the results of their work in campus seminars, professional society meetings, and publications.

BARA's program provides opportunities to work on applied research and outreach projects to outstanding undergraduate anthropology majors and students from related disciplines, as well as to graduate students in the early stages of their academic careers.  In the process, communities benefit from the enthusiasm and expertise of the students and students gain knowledge, skills, and insights into social problems, policy solutions, and other current issues.  At the same time, the internship program helps students identify career paths and give something back to the communities that help support the university.  After graduating, interns enter postgraduate programs in fields as diverse as anthropology, law, medicine, and natural resource management or take positions in non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and the private sector.

Read about the career paths of alumni of BARA's internship program:

Applications are due on a rolling schedule.  To be considered for the FALL 2022 semester, please submit all materials by MAY 6, 2022.