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Luis Barros

Luis Barros is currently a PhD Candidate at the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona. He holds an M.A. in Latin American Studies, also from the University of Arizona, and his Master Thesis focused on Brazilian fishing cooperatives linked to the Tilapia value-chain. His current...
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Brandi Bethke
Graduate Research Assistant
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Katherine Brooks

Katherine Brooks specializes in American Indian ethnography and material culture and is currently working as a a Post-Doctoral Research Associate for BARA under the direction of Dr. Richard Stoffle. Dr. Brooks has been working with American Indian communities for the past eight years, on...
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Lumi Mandache

Luminita-Anda Mandache is a PhD student in socio-cultural and applied anthropology. Lumi earned her M.A. degree in Anthropology in 2011from the University of Louvain, located in Belgium. This stimulated her curiosity for topics related to economic and development anthropology. During her five...
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Evelyn Pickering

Evelyn Pickering has been a part of BARA since the spring of 2012 and is currently a Research Specialist. As a member of Dr. Richard Stoffle's ethnographic research team, she has participated in multiple studies with American Indian tribes in the Midwest and Southwest regions. Most of these...
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Megan Sheehan
Research Staff

Megan is an anthropology graduate student at the University of Arizona, and is currently writing up her dissertation research on labor migration to Chile. As a research assistant working Dr. Diane Austin, Megan works on three BARA initiatives. megan assists in the coordination of the BARA...
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Kathleen Van Vlack
Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Niki vonHedemann

Niki is a PhD student in the School of Geography and Development and a Research Assistant for BARA. Her dissertation work focuses on the social and ecological impacts of payments for ecosystem services programs that aim to incentivize forest conservation in Guatemala. As a research assistant for...
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