BARA in American Anthropologist

October 2009 - Congratulations to current and former BARA-ites for their articles in the current issue of American Anthropologist: Don Nelson, Colin West, Marcela Vasquez-Leon, and Tim Finan, in an "In Focus" section on "Global Change and Adaptation in Local Places."

Nieves Zedeno had also just published "Animating by Association: Index Objects and Relational Taxonomies" in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 19(3).

In addition to the former pieces by colleagues, the Journal of the Southwest just published "The Metaphorical Dimensions of Hopi Ethics" by Maria Glowacka with Emory Sekaquaptewa, and dedicated to Emory with the following: "His generous sharing of knowledge, thoughtful and caring guidance, and patient mentorship in the area of the Hopi language and culture will long be remembered."

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