BARA's Visiting Scholar, Gaspar Mairal, Lectures

April 2010 - Professor Gaspar Mairal, visiting scholar at the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (School of Anthropology), will lecture on Wednesday, April 28, 4 P.M., in Haury 216. Tiempos de la cultura (Times of Culture) is a collection of essays all sharing a reflection about time as a representation of culture. Using Anthropology I analyze a number of case studies to show how collective and personal memory, tradition, legend, myths, commemorations and heritage are made up. The first chapter synthesizes these various mechanisms to give an overview of cultural time. In this book, Anthropology and History converge to suggest how important a dialogue is between the two disciplines.

Gaspar Mairal Buil is Associate Professor of Social Anthropology in the Department of Psychology and Sociology at the Universidad de Zaragoza in Spain. He will be here for six months as a BARA Visiting Scholar here to collaborate with Dr. Richard Stoffle on research related to environmental risk and cultural contexts of water policy. To learn more about Dr. Mairal and his work, see the event flyer (doc).

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