BARA Student Jacob Campbell Publishes Award-Winning Research

July 2010 - Jacob Campbell, a School of Anthropology doctoral candidate, and Maya Abela, a trial lawyer and UA alumna, have published "E-wasted Time: The Hazardous Lag in Comprehensive regulation of the Electronics Recycling Industry in the United States" (PDF) through the UA's Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy paper series. Jacob Campbell is involved with BARA's Offshore Oil and Gas History Project and the Fabrication and Shipbuilding study, led by Dr. Diane Austin and Dr. Thomas McGuire.

Campbell and Abela looked at governmental regulation of electronic waste in Tucson and along Arizona's border with Mexico. They determined that there is not enough oversight of e-waste, nor enough reuse and recycling advocacy. Their research was awarded with the Udall Center's 2009 Lillian S. Fisher Prize in Environmental Law and Public Policy.

Read the full study or a report from UANews.


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