Second Annual SoA Engagement Conference for Undergraduate Students


On Tuesday evening, October 20, 2015, the School of Anthropology hosted the Second Annual Conference of SoA Undergraduate Students to showcase our undergraduate student activities over the last academic year. Students presented on internships, community engagement, field schools, study abroad, and independent student research, as well as senior and honors thesis research. In all these cases, they had the opportunity to engage in a meaningful research, community outreach, policy-making, and global appreciation. Many of our students had benefits from the SoA Scholarships for their engagement activities. The Engagement Conference was organized by Associate ProfessorEleni Hasaki (SoA Director of Undergraduate Studies) and Ann Samuelson (SoA Academic Advisor, Senior).

About 40 people attended, including Anthropology majors, faculty, and staff, as well as community members. Dr. Karen Schollmeyer presented on the Archaeology Southwest Field Schools organized in collaboration with the School of Anthropology. Moreover, the Biagini Family, who are the Tucson liaisons the ITKI (International Traditional Knowledge Institute; Traditional Knowledge World Bank;, were also in attendance. Audience members were encouraged to ask questions and to explore the possibility of participating in such activities themselves in the future. Pizza and refreshments were provided through a UA Student/Faculty Interaction (SFI) Grant from Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Academic Initiatives and Student Success.

Juliana Costanzo (Mentor: Dr. Stacey Tecot)
Estradiol and Fathering Behavior in Male Red-bellied Lemurs

Natasha Constance Rapp (Mentor: Dr. Tammy Buonasera)
Formal Models of Traditional Milling Tool Designs Research Internship

Calliandra Hermanson (Mentor: Dr. Diane Austin- Bara Internship)
Community Engagement: Felicia’s Farm and Sonoran Environmental Research Institute

Genesis Grijalva
Vivir Mexico UA Study Abroad

Sekilah Taylor Calvin
South Korea UA Study Abroad

Special Presentation: Dr. Karen Schollmeyer, Archaeology Southwest
Introduction to Archaeological Field Schools

Fengting Zhao
Hydraulic Engineering: UA Honors College Internship at International Traditional Knowledge Institute–Milan, Italy

Kiana Lee Diehl
Population Genetics; Archaeological excavation in Germany

Katrina Bunyard
National Park Service Internship, Washington D.C.

Kirthana Srinivasan
Singapore UA Study Abroad

Caroline Znachko
Archaeological Fieldwork at Orvieto, Italy

Brianna Herndon [Mentors: a) Dr. B. Anderson; b) Dr. J. Watson]
a. Forensic Anthropology Internship at Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner
b. Research at Maxwell Museum, University of New Mexico

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01/14/2016 - 11:02

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