CENTENNIAL UPDATE: A Weekend to Remember!


From January’s “Night at the Museum Ball” through December’s “Centennial Gala: Moving Forward,” each of the events of our 2015 Centennial Year has been outstanding. The final group of events, which focused on School of Anthropology alumni, whether B.A., B.S., M.A., or Ph.D., invited participants to share their research and to celebrate what University of Arizona Anthropology has accomplished in the past 100 years and help build a firm foundation as we look forward to our next 100 years.
Colloquium Sparks Lively Discussions
The Friday colloquium, “Reflecting on Our Past and Charting Our Future,” was a stimulating day that included thirteen panels on subjects covering a diverse range of anthropological topics. Over 150 alumni, students, and faculty were in attendance at interactive sessions that included panelists and audiences in discussion about their unique training experiences at the UA, cutting edge issues in their discipline, and future directions for anthropology. Old friends and colleagues had a chance to meet—in some cases after many years. Members of the community had a unique opportunity to both observe anthropologists reflecting on their experiences and expand their understanding of what anthropologists do and the issues they engage in the field. Sessions ended with lively discussions that spilled into the hallways. Many alumni commented that walking into the anthropology building and the various rooms in which the colloquium was held brought back a flood of memories! It was rewarding to see multiple generations of alumni in conversation about how they and their students had been inspired by each other’s work. Practicing anthropologists had an opportunity to learn what their colleagues had been doing since graduation and to reflect on the opportunities and challenges faced by anthropologists in the workplace. At the end of the day, the only complaint heard was that there wasn’t enough time to discuss all of the topics.


Gala Dinner Remembers and Celebrates
With over 180 in attendance, the Gala Dinner was quietly celebratory. Revelry in honor of the Centennial was tempered by the memory of the recently departed William A. Longacre, a former Head of the Department of Anthropology and Riecker Professor Emeritus. Raymond H. Thompson, also a former Department Head and Riecker Professor Emeritus, spoke movingly about Dr. Longacre and presented Dr. Longacre’s Thompson Award. There were touching moments throughout the evening. John Olsen, Regents’ Professor former Department Head, gave a lovely tribute honoring Manager of Administration Norma Maynard, who will retire in January after 25 years with Anthropology.
Diehards Close Out School of Anthropology Centennial Celebrations
The Party of the Century on Saturday, December 5, saw a throng of revelers enjoying the company of long-time colleagues and new friends dancing the night away. One highlight of the Party was the wall of photos that spanned the 100 years of Anthropology at the UA. Photos included faculty and alumni at different stages of their careers in work and social contexts and evoked conversations about times past, fond memories, and old friends. Nearly 250 partygoers helped the SoA close our Centennial celebrations at the Party. In reference to the long-running debate about whether archaeology or sociocultural produces the best partiers, and with students, faculty, and alumni from both subdisciplines dancing to the bitter end, the Party Supervisor (SoA Director Diane Austin) declared a tie. Thanks to all who participated in our celebrations this year!
With only a few weeks left in this our Centennial year, it’s not too late to:
Add your information to our Centennial Connections mapping project at celebrate100.anthropology.arizona.edu/connect
Get your very own Centennial t-shirt at http://www.anthropology100years.com/
Donate to our Centennial Fellowship Fund at anthropology.arizona.edu/support-school-anthropology

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